The Scientific Computation Research Center (SCOREC) is focused on the development of reliable simulation technologies for engineers, scientists, medical professionals, and other practitioners. These advancements enable experts in their fields to employ, appraise, and evaluate the behavior of physical, chemical, and biological systems of interest.

Building on its historic strengths in automated adaptive modeling and computation, SCOREC is focused on the development of the technologies necessary to enable multiscale systems engineering. Multiscale systems engineering will introduce a new paradigm in which all interacting scales important to the behavior of materials, devices, and systems will be accurately modeled and accounted for in the design optimized products and processes. To enable the implementation of this new paradigm advanced modeling, simulation, optimization, and control technologies must be developed to provide the basis for design environments in which systematic exploration of alternative designs is supported by (i) a hierarchy of models that provides a consistent description of multiscale phenomena, (ii) adaptive simulation methods that account for the scale interactions, (iii) efficient computational analysis, optimization and control methods, and (iv) the representation of uncertainty and its propagation.

The interdisciplinary team of faculty, research staff and students working with SCOREC are involved in funded research to address key research areas that must be addressed in terms of the overall methods involved as well as their application to specific critical application areas such as nano-composites design and vascular disease modeling. SCOREC research programs include the active transition of the methods and simulation technologies developed to industrial practice and commercialization by software companies.

For more information about SCOREC, contact office@scorec.rpi.edu.