Report #AuthorTitle 
1995-1Charles D. Norton, Boleslaw K. Szymanski and Viktor K. DecykObject Oriented Parallel Computation for Plasma PIC SimulationView Report
1995-2Ramamoorthy RavichandranMatching Meshes on Specific Model BoundariesView Report
1995-3Jacob Fish, L. Pan, Vladimir Belsky and S. GomaaAn Accelerated Unstructured Multigrid Method for ShellsView Report
1995-4V. Belsky and J. FishTowards an Ultimate Finite Element Oriented Solver on Unstructured MeshesView Report
1995-5M. S. Shephard, M. W. Beall, R. Garimella and R. WentorfAutomatic Construction of 3-D Models in Multiple Scale AnalysisView Report
1995-6H. S. MurtyAeroelastic Stability Analysis of an Airfoil with Structural Nonlinearities Using a State Space Unsteady Aerodynamics ModelView Report
1995-7Hugues L. de Cougny, Mark S. Shephard and Can OzturanParallel Three-Dimensional Mesh Generation on Distributed Memory MIMD ComputersView Report
1995-8J. Fish, V. Belsky and M. PandheeradiComposite Grid Method for Hybrid SystemsView Report
1995-9Slimane Adjerid, Joseph E. Flaherty, W. Hillig, J. Hudson and Mark S. ShephardModeling and the Adaptive Solution of Reactive Vapor Infiltration ProblemsView Report
1995-10C. L. Bottasso and M.S. ShephardA Parallel Adaptive Finite Element Euler Flow Solver for Rotary Wing AerodynamicsView Report
1995-11M.S. Shephard, J. E. Flaherty, H. L. de Cougny, C. Ozturan, C. L. Bottasso and M.W. BeallParallel Automated Adaptive Procedures for Unstructured MeshesView Report
1995-12Mark E. Vermilyea and Robert L. SpilkerHybrid and Mixed-Penalty Finite Elements for 3-D Analysis of Soft Hydrated TissueView Report
1995-13Jun-Kyo Suh and Robert L. SpilkerIndentation Analysis of Biphasic Articular Cartilage: Nonlinear Phenomena Under Finite DeformationView Report
1995-14K. D. Devine and J. E. FlahertyA Parallel Adaptive hp-Refinement Finite Element Methods with Dynamic Load Balancing for the Solution of Hyperbolic Conservation LawsView Report
1995-15Carlo L. BottassoOn the Computation of the Boundary Integral of Space-Time Deforming Finite ElementsView Report
1995-16C. L. Bottasso, J. E. Flaherty, C. Ozturan, M. S. Shephard, B. K. Szymanski, J. D. Teresco and L. H. ZiantzThe Quality of Partitions Produced by an Iterative Load BalancerView Report
1995-17Peter S. DonzelliA Mixed-Penalty Contact Finite Element Formulation for Biphasic Soft TissuesView Report
1995-18R. Garimella and M. S. ShephardTetrahedral Mesh Generation with Multiple Elements Through the ThicknessView Report
1995-19Olivier A. Bauchau, Carlo L. Bottasso, Mustafa Dindar, Hema S. Murty, Zvi Rusak and Mark S. ShephardAeroelastic Stability of Rotor Blades Using A Parallel Adaptive Finite Element SolverView Report
1995-20R. Garimella and M. S. ShephardICCA Automesh Task 3.1: Mesh Generation Developments and Results at SCOREC, RPIView Report
1995-22Can OzturanDistributed Environment and Load Balancing for Adaptive Unstructured MeshesView Report
1995-23M. W. Beall and M. S. ShephardMesh Data Structures for Advanced Finite Element ApplicationsView Report
1995-24Peter S. Donzelli and Robert L. SpilkerA Contact Finite Element Formulation for Biological Soft Hydrated TissuesView Report
1995-25Ramamoorthy Ravichandran and Mark S. ShephardRefinement/Derefinement Procedures in 2-DView Report
1995-26Ramamoorthy Ravichandran and Mark S. ShephardMesh Searching Structures for Adaptive Finite Element AnalysisView Report
1995-27Ramamoorthy Ravichandran and Mark S. ShephardModel Definition and Meshing for Aluminum ExtrusionView Report
1995-28W. K. Kaplow, B. K. Szymanski, P. Tannenbaum and V. K. DecykAll Cache Virtual Machine: A Method for Improving the Cache Performance of Irregular Scientific CodesView Report
1995-29Christopher J.R. ClutzMesh Generation of SPG Based Articular Cartilage Models and a Rezoning System for 3D Multi-Region ModelsView Report
1995-30Saikat Dey, Mark S. Shephard and Marcel K. GeorgesElimination of the Adverse Effects of Small Model Features by the Local Modification of Automatically Generated MeshesView Report
1995-31Edgard Sant' Anna de Almeida NetoFinite Element Formulations for Biological Soft Hydrated Tissues Under Finite DeformationView Report
1995-32Muralidharan PandheeradiFast, Efficient Multi-Level Iterative Solution Techniques for Large-Scale Linear/Nonlinear Finite Element SystemsView Report
1995-33Jacob Fish and Ravi GuttalThe p-Version of Finite Element Method for Shell AnalysisView Report
1995-34Jacob Fish and Ravi GuttalThe s-Version of Finite Element Method for Laminated CompositesView Report