Report #AuthorTitle 
2011-1Gopinath SubramanianAn Iterative Method for Producing Equilibrated Symmetric Three-Arm Star Polymer Melts in Molecular DynamicsView Report
2011-2Saurabh Tendulkar, Mark Beall, Mark S. Shephard and Kenneth JansenParallel Mesh Generation and Adaptation for CAD GeometriesView Report
2011-3Mark S. Shephard, Cameron Smith, Jean-Francois Dord and Kenneth E. JansenBringing Parallel Adaptive Simulation to IndustryView Report
2011-4A. M. Maniatty, G. S. Cargill III, Laura E. Moyer, and Chia-Ju YangInvestigation of thermal stress variability due to microstructure in thin aluminum filmsView Report
2011-5TJ Hall, PE Barbone, AA Oberai, J Jiang, JF Dord, S Goenezen, and TG FisherRecent results in nonlinear strain and modulus imagingView Report
2011-6J Ma, AA Oberai, DA Drew, RT Lahey Jr., and MC HymanA comprehensive subgrid air entrainment model for RaNS modeling of bubbly free surface bubbly flowsView Report
2011-7Misbah MubarakA Parallel Ghosting Algorithm for the Flexible distributed Mesh Database (FMDB)View Report
2011-8Gopinath Subramanian & Catalin PicuMechanics of three-dimensional, nonbonded random fiber networks View Report
2011-9Igor A Bolotnov, Kenneth E Jansen, Donald A Drew, Assad A Oberai, Richard T Lahey, Michael Z PodowskiDetached direct numerical simulations of turbulent two-phase bubbly channel flowView Report
2011-10Aleksandr Ovcharenko, Daniel Ibanez, Fabien Delalondre, Onkar Sahni, Kenneth E. Jansen, Christopher D. Carothers and Mark S. ShephardNeighborhood Communication Paradigm to Increase Scalability in Large-Scale Dynamic Scientific ApplicationsView Report
2011-11N. Mathew, R.C. PicuMolecular conformational stability of cyclotrimethylene trinitramine crystalsView Report
2011-12Qiukai LuDevelopments of Parallel Curved Meshing for High-order Finite Element SimulationsView Report
2011-13Jin Chen, Vivek Venugopal, and Xavier Intes Monte Carlo based method for fluorescence tomographic imaging with lifetime multiplexing using time gates View Report
2011-14Jin Chen and Xavier IntesComparison of Monte Carlo methods for fluorescence molecular tomography—computational efficiency View Report
2011-15R. C. Picu and G. SubramanianCorrelated heterogeneous deformation of entangled fiber networksView Report
2011-16R.C. PicuMechanics of random fiber networks - a reviewView Report
2011-17Hongqing Zhang, G. Slade Cargill III, Antoinette M. ManiattyThermal strains in passivated aluminum and copper conductor linesView Report
2011-18J. D. Hochhalter, D. J. Littlewood, M. G. Veilleux, J. E. Bozek, A. M. Maniatty, A. D. Rollett, and A. R. IngraffeaA geometric approach to modeling microstructurally small fatigue crack formation: III. Development of a semi-empirical model for nucleationView Report