AuthorM. S. Ozmusul, R. C. Picu
TitleElastic moduli of particulate composites with graded filler-matrix interfaces
JournalPolymer Composites
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AbstractThe elastic response of plane-array models of composites reinforced by particles or aligned fibers graded interfaces with the matrix is analyxed. Such microstructure is representative of a new class of polymer matrix composite materials in whitch the filler is nanometer-sized. In such materials, the polymer chains in the matrix are preferentially oriented close to the interface with the relatively rigid fillers, this leading to a graded interfacial layer about each inclusion. The composite elastic moduli are determined based on the properties and geometry of the interfacial graded layer as well as on the moduli of the filler and the matrix, and the volume fraction of filler. Conversion curves are constructed allowing for an equivalence to be established between the present case and that of simila composites without graded interfaces. Based on these conversion curves, standard homogenization algorithms can be applied to determine the overall elastic properties of such composite. The fillers are considered to be stiffer than the matrix, both rigid and of finite stiffness. Results for both sliding and bonded interfaces are presented. The effect of anisotropic material properties in the graded region on the composite moduli is also investigated. The results of the model are compared with published experimental data.