AuthorR. C. Picu
TitleThe Peierls Stress in Non-Local Elasticity
JournalJ. Mech. Phys. Sol.
AbstractThe effect of non-locality on the Peierls stress of a dislocation, predicted within the framework of the Peierls-Nabarro model, is investigated. Both the integral formulation of non-local elasticity and the gradient elasticity model are considered. A modification of the non-local kernel of the integral formulation is proposed and its effect on the dislocation core shape and size, and on the Peierls stress are discussed. The new kernel is longer ranged and physically meaningful, improving therefore upon the existing Gaussian-like non-locality kernels. As in the original Peierls-Nabarro model, lattice trapping cannot be captured in the purely continuum non-local formulation and therefore, a semi-discrete framework is used. The constitutive law of the elastic continuum and that of the glide plane are considered both local and non-local in separate models. The major effect is obtained upon rendering non-local the constitutive law of the continuum, while non-locality in the rebound force law of the glide plane has a marginal effect. The Peierls stress is seen to increase with increasing the intrinsic length scale of the non-local formulation, while the core size decreases accordingly. The solution becomes unstable at intrinsic length scales larger than a critical value. Modifications of the rebound force law entail significant changes in the core configuration and critical stress. The discussion provides insight into the issue of internal length scale selection in non-local elasticity models.