AuthorR.C. Picu
TitleOn the Functional Form of Non-Local Elasticity Kernels
JournalJ. Mech. Phys. Sol.
AbstractThe functional form of non-local elasticity kernels is studied within the context of the integral formalism. The study is limited to linear isotropic elasticity. The kernels are derived analytically based on the discrete structure of the material at the atomic scale. Atomistic simulations are used to validate the results. Materials in which the interatomic interactions are represented by pair, as well as embedded atom-type potentials are considered. The derived kernels have a range which extends up to the cut-off radius of the interatomic potential, are positive at the origin, and become negative approximately one atomic distance away, thus departing from the commonly assumed Gaussian functional form. The functional form of the potential and the radial distribution function of interacting neighbors about a representative atom fully define their shape. This new continuum model involves two material length scales that are both derived from atomistics for a Morse solid and for Al. Two applications are considered in closure. It is shown that in strained superlattices, the non-local model predicts maximum stresses that are much larger than those obtained within the local theory. This observation has implications for defect nucleation in these structures. Furthermore, the new non-local model improves upon the Gaussian one by predicting a more realistic wave dispersion relationship, with essentially zero group velocity at the boundary of the Brillouin zone.