AuthorSunitha Nagrath, Kenneth E. Jansen, Richard T. Lahey, Jr
TitleThree Dimensional Simulation of Incompressible Two-phase Flows Using a Stabilized Finite Element Method and a Level Set Approach
JournalComputer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering
AbstractThis paper presents a stabilized ¯nite element method for the solution of incom- pressible two-phase °ow problems in three dimensions using a level set method. The interface between the two phases is resolved using the level set approach de- veloped by Sethian [1], Sussman, Smereka and Osher [2], and Sussman et al. [3]. In this approach the interface is represented as a zero level set of a smooth function. The stabilized upwind Petrov-Galerkin method was used to discretize the governing °ow and level set equations. The continuum surface force (CSF) model proposed by Brackbill et al. [4] was applied in order to account for surface tension eŽects. To restrict the interface from moving while re-distancing, an improved re-distancing scheme proposed in the ¯nite diŽerence context [3] is adapted for ¯nite element discretization. This enables us to accurately compute the °ows with large density and viscosity diŽerences, as well as surface tension. The capability of the resultant algorithm is demonstrated with two and three dimensional numerical examples of a single bubble rising through a quiescent liquid, and two bubble coalescence.
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