AuthorC. Ollivier-Gooch, K. Chand, T. Dahlgren, L. Freitag Diachin, B. Fix, J. Kraftcheck, X. Li, E. Seegyoung Seol, M.S. Shephard, T. Tautges, H. Trease
TitleThe TSTT Mesh Interface
Journal44th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting & Exhibit
InstitutionRensselaer Polytechnic Institute
AbstractPDE-based numerical simulation applications commonly use basic software infrastructure to manage mesh, geometry, and discretization data. The commonality of this infrastructure implies the software is theoretically amenable to re-use. However, the traditional reliance on library-based implementations of these functionalities hampers experimentation with different software instances that provide similar functionality. This is especially true for meshing and geometry libraries where applications often directly access the underlying data structures, which can be quite different from implementation to implementation. Thus, using different libraries interchangeably or interoperably for this functionality has proven difficult at best and has hampered the wide spread use of advanced meshing and geometry tools developed by the research community. To address these issues, the Terascale Simulation Tools and Technologies center is working to develop standard interfaces to enable the creation of interoperable and interchangeable simulation tools. In this paper, we focus on a languageand data-structure-independent interface supporting query and modification of mesh data conforming to a general abstract data model. We describe the model and interface, and provide programming “best practices” recommendations based on early experience implementing and using the interface.
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