AuthorY. Tan, A. M. Maniatty, C. Zheng, and J. T.Wen
TitleMonte Carlo grain growth modeling with local temperature gradients
JournalModelling Simul Mater Sci Eng
Pages065003 (19 pp)
AbstractThis work investigated the development of a Monte Carlo simulation approach to modeling grain growth in the presence of non-uniform temperature field that may vary with time. We first scale the Monte Carlo model to physical growth processes by fitting experimental data. Based on the scaling relationship, we derive a grid site selection probability function to consider the effect of a spatially varying temperature field. The site selection probability function is based on the differential Monte Carlo step, which allows it to naturally consider time varying temperature fields too. We verify the model and compare the predictions to other existing formulations (Godfrey and Martin 1995 Phil. Mag. A 72, 737–49; Radhakrishnan and Zacharia 1995 Metall. Mater. Trans. A 26, 2123–30) in simple two-dimensional cases with only spatially varying temperature fields, where the predicted grain growth in regions of constant temperature are expected to be the same as for the isothermal case. We also test the model in a more realistic three-dimensional case with a temperature field varying in both space and time, modeling grain growth in the heat affected zone of a weld. We believe the newly proposed approach is promising for modeling grain growth in material manufacturing processes that involves time-dependent local temperature gradient.
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