Report #AuthorTitle 
2004-1K. E. Jansen and A. E. Tejada-MartinezAn evaluation of the variational multiscale model for large-eddy simulation while using a hierarchical basisView Report
2004-2A. E. Tejada-Martinez and K. E. JansenSpatial test filters for dynamic model large-eddy simulation with finite elementsView Report
2004-3A. E. Tejada-Martinez and K. E. JansenOn the interaction between dynamic model dissipation and numerical dissipation due to streamline upwind/Petrov-Galerkin stabilizationView Report
2004-4A. E. Tejada-Martinez and K. E. JansenA dynamic Smagorinsky model with dynamic determination of the filter width ratioView Report
2004-5J-F. Remacle, S. Soares Frazao, X. Li and M. S. ShephardAdaptive Discontinuous Galerkin Method for the Shallow Water EquationsView Report
2004-6Jie Wan and M. S. ShephardComparison on Remeshing and Mesh Enrichment Based Forming SimulationsView Report
2004-7X. Li, J-F. Remacle, N. Chevaugeon, M. S. ShephardAnisotropic Mesh Gradation ControlView Report
2004-8Sunitha NagrathAdaptive Stabilized Finite Element Analysis of Multi-Phase Flows using Level Set ApproachView Report
2004-9J. L. Hurst and J. T. WenComputation of Shear Viscosity: A Systems ApproachView Report
2004-10J. Mueller, O. Sahni, X. Li, K. E. Jansen, M. S. Shephard and C. A. TaylorAnisotropic Adaptive Finite Element Method for Modeling Blood FlowView Report
2004-11M. S. Shephard, E. Seol, J. Wan and A. C. BauerComponent-based Adaptive Mesh Control ProceduresView Report
2004-12A.S. Sarvestani and C.R. PicuNetwork model for the viscoelastic behavior of polymer nanocompositesView Report
2004-13S. Shenogin and R. OzisikSimulation of Plastic Deformation in Glassy Polymers: Atomistic and Mesoscale ApproachesView Report
2004-14X-J. Luo, M.S. Shephard, R.M. O'Bara, R. Nastasia and M.W. BeallAutomatic p-version mesh generation for curved domainsView Report
2004-15M.S. Shephard, M.W. Beall & B.E. WebsterSupporting Simulations to Guide Engineering DesignView Report
2004-16M.S. Shephard, M.W. Beall, R.M. O'Bara & B.E. WebsterToward simulation-based designView Report
2004-17A. Figueroa, K.E. Jansen, T.J.R. Hughes and C.A. TaylorA Coupled Momentum Method to Model Blood Flow in Deformable ArteriesView Report