Report #AuthorTitle 
2007-1M.S. Shephard and E. Seegyoung SeolFlexible Distributed Mesh Data Structure for Parallel Adaptive AnalysisView Report
2007-2M. S. Shephard, E. S. Seol and B. FrantzDaleToward a Multi-Model Hierarchy to Support Multiscale SimulationsView Report
2007-3A.K. Karanam, K.E. Jansen & C.H. WhitingGeometry based pre-processor for parallel fluid dynamic simulations using a hierarchical basisView Report
2007-4Y. Zhang, S. Talapatra, S. Kar, R. Vajtai, S. K. Nayak, P. M. AjayanFirst-principles study of defect-induced magnetism in carbonView Report
2007-5P. Shemella, Y. Zhang, M. Mailman, P. M. Ajayan, S. K. NayakEnergy gaps in zero-dimensional graphene nanoribbonsView Report
2007-6D. Gandhi, M. Lane, Y. Zhou, A. P. Singh, S. Nayak, U. Tisch, M. Eizenberg, G. RamanathAnnealing Induced Interfacial Toughening using a molecular monolayerView Report
2007-7X H Peng, S. K. Nayak, A. Alizadeh, K. K. Varanasi, N. Bhate, L. B. Rowland, S. K. KumarFirst-principles study of the effects of polytype and size on energy gaps in SiC nanoclustersView Report
2007-8X H. Peng, A. Alizadeh, N. Bhate, K. K. Varanasi, S. K. NayakFirst-principles investigation of strain effects on the energy gaps in silicon nanoclustersView Report
2007-9Z. K. Wang, L. J. Ci, L. Chen, S. Nayak, P. M. Ajayan, N. KoratkarPolarity-dependent electrochemically controlled transport of water through carbon nanotube membranesView Report
2007-10P. Shemella, B. Pereira, Y. M. Zhang, P. Van Roey, G. Belfort, S. Garde, S. K. NayakMechanism for intein C-terminal cleavage: A proposal from quantum mechanical calculationsView Report
2007-11P.J. Dionne, R. Ozisik, R.C. Picu"Monte Carlo modeling of polyethylene nanocomposites using a highly coordinated lattice" in "Polyolefin Composites"View Report
2007-12M.A. Soare and R.C. PicuAn approach to solving mechanics problems for materials with multiscale hierarchical microstructureView Report
2007-13M.A. Soare and R.C. PicuBoundary value problems defined on stochastic self-similar multiscale geometriesView Report
2007-14R.C. Picu and A. RakshitDynamics of free chains in polymer nanocompositesView Report
2007-15R.C. Picu and Z. XuVacancy concentration in Al-Mg solid solutionsView Report
2007-16M. Nuggehally, J. Fish, M. Shephard, R.C. Picu, S. Badia, M. Parks, M. GunzburgerConcurrent AtC coupling based on a blend of the continuum stress and the atomistic forceView Report
2007-17M. Nuggehally, M. Shephard, R.C. Picu, J. FishAdaptive model selection procedure for concurrent multiscale problemsView Report
2007-18Z. Xu and R.C. PicuEffect of residual and pre-existing clusters on dynamic strain ageing in dilute solid solutionsView Report
2007-19W. Zhang, R.C. Picu, N. KoratkarSuppression of fatigue crack growth in carbon nanotube compositesView Report
2007-20Z. Xu and R.C. PicuThermally activated motion of dislocations in fields of point obstacles: effect of the obstacle distributionView Report
2007-21R.C. Picu and A. RakshitCoarse grained model of diffusion in entangled bidisperse polymer meltsView Report
2007-22L.-Q. Lee, V. Akcelik, S. Shen, L. Ge, E. Prudencio, G. Schussman, R. Uplenchwar, C. Ng, K. Ko, X-J. Luo and M.S. ShephardEnabling technologies for petascale electromagnetic accelerator simulationView Report
2007-23S. Lankalapalli, J.E. Flaherty, M.S. Shephard, and H. StraussAn Adaptive Finite Element Method for MagnetohydrodynamicsView Report
2007-24M.S. Shephard, K.E. Jansen, O. Sahni and L.A. DiachinParallel Adaptive Simulations on Unstructured MeshesView Report
2007-25L. Diachin, A. Bauer, B. Fix, J. Kraftcheck, K. Jansen, X. Luo, M. Miller, C. Ollivier-Gooch, M. S. Shephard, T. Tautges and H. TreaseInteroperable mesh and geometry tools for advanced petascale simulationsView Report
2007-26Carl Ollivier-Gooch, Lori F. Diachin, Mark S. Shephard, Timothy TautgesA Language-Independent API for Unstructured Mesh Access and ManipulationView Report