Report #AuthorTitle 
2010-1O. Sahni, X.J. Luo, K.E. Jansen and M.S. ShephardCurved Boundary Layer Meshing for Adaptive Viscous Flow SimulationsView Report
2010-2Gopinath Subramanian and Rahmi OzisikSimultaneous Estimation of the Phase Content and Lamellar Thickness in Isotactic Polypropylene by the Simulated Annealing of Wide-Angle X-Ray Scattering DataView Report
2010-3Fabien Delalondre, Cameron Smith, Mark S. ShephardCollaborative software infrastructure for adaptive multiple model simulationView Report
2010-4C. Gaire, Y. Ou, H. Arao, M. Egami, A. Nakashima, R. C. Picu, G.-C. Wang, and T.-M. LuEvaluation of mechanical properties of porous methyl silsesquioxane and nanoclustering silica films using atomic force microscopeView Report
2010-5B. FrantzDale, S.J. Plimpton, M.S. ShephardSoftware components for parallel multiscale simulation: An example with LAMMPSView Report
2010-6A.Y. Galimov, O.Sahni, R.T. Lahey, Jr., M.S. Shephard, D.A. Drew, K.E. JansenParallel Adaptive Simulation of a Plunging Liquid JetView Report
2010-7Gopinath SubramanianA topology preserving method for generating equilibrated polymer melts in computer simulationsView Report
2010-8Xiao-Juan Luo, Mark S. Shephard, Lu-Zhong Yin, Robert M. O’Bara, Rocco Nastasi, Mark W. BeallConstruction of near optimal meshes for 3-D curved domains with singularities and thin sections for the p-version methodView Report
2010-9Carl Ollivier-Gooch, Lori Diachin, Mark S. Shephard, Timothy Tautges, Jason Kraftcheck, Vitus Leung, Xiaojuan Luo and Mark MillerAn Interoperable, Data-Structure-Neutral Component for Mesh Query and ManipulationView Report
2010-10Ning Liu, Jing Fu, Christopher D. Carothers, O. Sahni, K.E. Jansen and M.S. ShephardMassively Parallel I/O for Partitioned Solver SystemsView Report
2010-11Xiao-Juan Luo, Mark S. Shephard, Lie-Quan Lee, Lixin Ge and Cho NgMoving curved mesh adaptation for higher-order finite element simulationsView Report
2010-12M. Zhou, O. Sahni, M. S. Shephard, C. D. Carothers and K. E. JansenAdjacency based reordering algorithm for acceleration of finite element computationsView Report
2010-13Xingshi Wang and Lucy T. ZhangInterpolation functions in the immersed boundary and finite element methodsView Report
2010-14T. Irisawa, G. S. Cargill III, K. J. Hwang, and A. M. ManiattyViscous elongation of glass rods: Experiments, Simulation, and AnalysisView Report
2010-15R Leiderman, AA Oberai, and PE Barbone10. Theory of reconstructing the spatial distribution of the filtration coefficient in vascularized soft tissues: exact and approximate inverse solutionsView Report
2010-16Z Wang and AA Oberai11. A mixed LES model based on the residual-based variational multiscale formulationView Report
2010-17AA Oberai and D Sondak12. Application of the variational Germano identity to the variational multiscale formulationView Report
2010-18IA Bolotnov, RT Lahey Jr., DA Drew, KE Jansen and AA OberaiSpectral analysis of the turbulent kinetic energy balance in a channel flow based on DNS data.View Report
2010-19RA Crescenti, JC Bamber, AA Oberai, PE Barbone, JP Richter, C Rivas, NL Bush and S WebbQuantitative ultrasonic elastography for gel dosimetryView Report
2010-20J Ma, AA Oberai, DA Drew, RT Lahey Jr. and FJ MoragaA quantitative subgrid air entrainment model for bubbly flowsView Report
2010-21Z Wang and AA OberaiSpectral analysis of the dissipation of the residual-based variational multiscale methodView Report
2010-22N. Mathew, R.C. Picu, M.BloomfieldConcurrent Coupling of Atomistic and Continuum Models at Finite TemperatureView Report
2010-23M. Zhou, O. Sahni, M.S. Shephard, K.D. Devine and K.E. JansenControlling unstructured mesh partitions for massively parallel simulationsView Report