Report #AuthorTitle 
2013-1Mark S. Shephard and Cameron Smith and John E. KolbBringing HPC to Engineering InnovationView Report
2013-2Qiukai Lu, Mark S. Shephard, Saurabh Tendulkar and Mark W. BeallParallel Mesh Adaptation for High-Order Finite Element Methods with Curved Element GeometryView Report
2013-3M.S. Shephard, E.S. Seol, C.W. Smith, M. Mubarak, A. Ovcharenko, O. SahniMethods and Tools for Parallel Anisotropic Mesh Adaptation and AnalysisView Report
2013-4K. C. Chitale, O. Sahni, S. Tendulkar, R. Nastasia, M. S. Shephard, K. E. JansenBoundary Layer Adaptivity for Transonic Turbulent FlowsView Report
2013-5Kedar C. ChitaleAnisotropic Mesh Adaptivity for Turbulent Flows with Boundary LayersView Report
2013-6Hicken, Li, Sahni, and OberaiAdjoint consistency analysis of residual-based variational multiscale methodsView Report
2013-7David SondakNovel Residual-Based Large Eddy Simulation Turbulence Models for Incompressible MagnetohydrodynamicsView Report
2013-8Jayanth Jagalur-Mohan, Gonzalo Feijoo, Assad OberaiA Galerkin least squares method for time harmonic Maxwell equations using Nedelec elementsView Report
2013-9L. Zhang, S.P. Lake, V.H. Barocas, M.S. Shephard, and R.C. PicuCross-linked fiber network embedded in an elastic matrixView Report
2013-10D. E. Keyes, L. C. McInnes, C. Woodward, W. D. Gropp, E. Myra, M. Pernice, J. Bell, J. Brown, A. Clo, J. Connors, E. Constantinescu, D. Estep, K. Evans, C. Farhat, A. Hakim, G. Hammond, G. Hansen, J. Hill, T. Isaac, X. Jiao, K. Jordan, D. Kaushik, E. Kaxiras, A. Koniges, K. Lee, A. Lott, Q. Lu, J. Magerlein, R. Maxwell, M. McCourt, M. Mehl, R. Pawlowski, A. Peters, D. Reynolds, B. Riviere, U. Rude, T. Scheibe, J. Shadid, B. Sheehan, M. Shephard, A. Siegel, B. Smith, X. Tang, C. Wilson, and B. WohlmuthMultiphysics Simulations: Challenges and OpportunitiesView Report
2013-11Elizabeth P. Canović, D. Thomas Seidl, Samuel R. Polio, Assad A. Oberai, Paul E. Barbone, Dimitrije Stamenović and Michael L. SmithBiomechanical Imaging of Cell Stiffness and Prestress with Subcellular ResolutionView Report
2013-12U. Albocher, P.E. Barbone, M.S.Richards, A.A. Oberai, and I. HarariApproaches to accommodate noisy data in the direct solution of inverse problems in incompressible plane-strain elasticityView Report
2013-13--Duplicate of 2013-9View Report
2013-14Nithin Mathew, Catalin R. Picu, Peter W. Chung Peierls Stress of Dislocations in Molecular Crystal Cyclotrimethylene TrinitramineView Report
2013-156. A.S. Shahsavari, R.C. PicuHeterogeneity and size effects in random semiflexible fiber networksView Report
2013-16N. Mathew, R. C. PicuSlip asymmetry in the molecular crystal cyclotrimethylenetrinitramineView Report
2013-17Jayanth Jagalur-Mohan, Onkar Sahni, Alireza Doostan, Assad OberaiVariational multiscale analysis: the fine-scale Green's function for stochastic partial differential equationsView Report
2013-18Lijuan ZhangMicrostructural modeling of cross-linked fiber network embedded in continuous matrixView Report
2013-19Lijuan ZhangMicrostructural modeling of cross-linked fiber network embedded in continuous matrixView Report
2013-20John C. Vaccaro, Yossef Elimelech, Yi Chen, Onkar Sahni, Kenneth E. Jansen, Michael AmitayExperimental and numerical investigation on the flow field within a compact inlet ductView Report
2013-21Misbah Mubarak , E. Seegyoung Seol, Mark S. ShephardA parallel ghosting algorithm for the flexible distributed mesh database View Report
2013-22A.S. Shahsavari and R.C. PicuElasticity of sparsely cross-linked random fibre networksView Report
2013-23Z. Li and R. C. PicuShuffle-glide dislocation transformation in SiView Report
2013-24Z. Li, N. Mathew, R.C. PicuDependence of Peierls stress on lattice strains in siliconView Report
2013-25Zhu, P., B.G. Sumpter, and V. MeunierElectronic, Thermal, and Structural Properties of Graphene Oxide FrameworksView Report
2013-26Saha, S., et al.Asymmetric electron transport and highest occupied molecular orbital assisted tunneling through Zn-porphyrin molecular junctionsView Report
2013-27Price, M.D.S., et al.Electronic and transport properties of graphene nanoribbon barbell-shaped heterojunctionsView Report
2013-28Owens, J.R., E. Cruz-Silva, and V. MeunierElectronic structure and transport properties of N-2(AA)-doped armchair and zigzag graphene nanoribbons.View Report
2013-29Ortiz-Medina, J., et al.Nitrogen-Doped Graphitic Nanoribbons: Synthesis, Characterization, and TransportView Report
2013-30Nicolai, A., et al.Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Graphene Oxide Frameworks. View Report
2013-31Liang, L.B. and V. MeunierElectronic and thermoelectric properties of assembled graphene nanoribbons with elastic strain and structural dislocation.View Report
2013-32Liang, L.B., E.C. Girao, and V. Meunier Quasiparticle band gaps of graphene nanowiggles and their magnetism on Au(111).View Report
2013-33Li, Q., et al.Self-Organized and Cu-Coordinated Surface Linear Polymerization. View Report
2013-34Hayashi, T., et alA reversible strain-induced electrical conductivity in cup-stacked carbon nanotubes.View Report
2013-35Girao, E.C. and V. MeunierPatchwork algorithm for the parallel computation of the Green's function in open systemsView Report
2013-36Gao, X.F., et al.Opening a large band gap for graphene by covalent additionView Report
2013-37Di Giovannantonio, M., et al.nsight into Organometallic Intermediate and Its Evolution to Covalent Bonding in Surface-Confined Ullmann Polymerization.View Report
2013-38Cruz-Silva, E., et alEdge-Edge Interactions in Stacked Graphene NanoplateletsView Report
2013-39Bullard, Z. and V. MeunierDynamical properties of carbon nanotube welding into X junctionsView Report
2013-40Devin M. Pyle, Jing Lu, David J. Littlewood, and Antoinette M. ManiattyEffect of 3D grain structure representation in polycrystal simulationsView Report