Report #AuthorTitle 
2016-1S. Jardin, N. Ferraro, J. Breslau, J. Chen, A. Fil, S. Gerhardt, S. Hudson, E. Kolemen, I. Krebs, C. Myers, D. Pfefferle, S. Seol, M. Shephard, B. Tobias, F. ZhangNonlinear 3D M3D-C1 Simulations of Tokamak Plasmas Crossing a MHD Linear Stability BoundaryView Report
2016-2Ehsan Ban, Victor H. Barocas, Mark S. Shephard, R. Catalin PicuSoftening in random networks of non-identical beamsView Report
2016-3Jared Crean, Kinshuk Panda, Anthony Ashley, Jason E. HickenInvestigation of Stabilization Methods for Multi-Dimensional Summation-by-parts Discretizations of the Euler EquationsView Report
2016-4Jared Crean, Kinshuk Panda, Anthony Ashley, Jason E. HickenInvestigation of Stabilization Methods for Multi-Dimensional Summation-by-parts Discretizations of the Euler EquationsView Report
2016-5Dan Ibanez, Mark S ShephardModifiable Array Data Structures for Mesh TopologyView Report
2016-6E. Ban, V. Barocas, M. Shephard, R.C. PicuEffect of Fiber Crimp on the Elasticity of Random Fiber Networks With and Without Embedding MatricesView Report
2016-7Li Dong and Assad A. Oberai1. Recovery of Cellular Traction in Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Hyperelastic MatricesView Report
2016-8Tengxiao Liu, Timothy J. Hall, Paul E. Barbone, and Assad A. Oberai2. Imaging Microstructure from Macroscopic Mechanical ResponseView Report
2016-9Yixiao Zhang, Paul E Barbone, Isaac Harari, and Assad A Oberai3. Uniqueness of the Interior Plane Strain Time-Harmonic Viscoelastic Inverse ProblemView Report
2016-10Li Dong, Philip Wijesinghe, James T. Dantuono, David D. Sampson, Peter R.T. Munro, Brendan F. Kennedy, and Assad A. OberaiQuantitative Optical Coherence Elastography as an Inverse Elasticity ProblemView Report
2016-11Assad A. Oberai and Thomas J. R. HughesA Palette of Fine-scale Eddy Viscosity and Residual-based Models for Variational Multiscale Formulations of TurbulenceView Report
2016-12AA Oberai & J-J MohanApproximate optimal projection for reduced-order modelsView Report
2016-13Olalekan A. Babaniyi, Assad A. Oberai & Paul E. BarboneLateral Displacement Estimation in Elastography Using Sparse Relaxation of the Momentum Equation. View Report
2016-14Steven Tran and Onkar SahniLarge Eddy Simulation based on the Residual-based Variational Multiscale Method and Lagrangian Dynamic Smagorinsky ModelView Report
2016-15Alvin Zhang and Onkar SahniFinite Element Analysis of Boundary Layer Flows using a Mixed B-spline Setting on Hybrid MeshesView Report
2016-16Antoinette M. Maniatty, Jiamin Ni, Yong Liu, and Hongqing ZhangEffect of Microstructure on Electromigration-Induced StressView Report
2016-17Dario Goldfarb, Max Bloomfield, Matthew ColburnThermo-mechanical behavior of EUV pellicle under dynamic exposure conditionsView Report
2016-18Robert Hager, E. S. Yoon, S. Ku, E. F. D'Azevedo, P. H. Worley, C. S. ChangA fully non-linear multi-species Fokker–Planck–Landau collision operator for simulation of fusion plasmaView Report
2016-19Anthony Ashley and Jason HickenSensitivity Analysis of Chaotic Problems using a Fourier Approximation of the Least-Squares AdjointView Report
2016-20Mohit Tyagi, Paul E. Barbone, Assad A. OberaiResidual-based stabilized formulation for the solution of inverse elliptic PDEView Report
2016-21Gerrett Diamond, Morteza H. Siboni, Cameron W. Smith, Mark S. ShephardImprovements in Curved Mesh Adaptation Procedure for the Omega3P CodeView Report
2016-22Worley, Patrick H; D'Azevedo, Eduardo; Hager, Robert; Ku, Seung-Hoe; Yoon, Eisung; Chang, C. S.Balancing Particle and Mesh Computation in a Particle-In-Cell CodeView Report
2016-23Cameron W. Smith, Brian Granzow, Dan Ibanez, Onkar Sahni, Kenneth E. Jansen and Mark .S. ShephardIn-memory Integration of Existing Software Components for Parallel Adaptive Unstructured Mesh Workflows View Report
2016-24Dan Ibanez, Mark ShephardMesh adaptation for moving objects on shared memory hardwareView Report
2016-25Daniel Alejandro IbanezConformal Mesh Adaptation On Heterogeneous SupercomputersView Report
2016-26Anirban Pal, Vincent Meunier, Catalin R PicuInvestigating Orientational Defects in Energetic Material RDX Using First-Principles CalculationsView Report
2016-27R. C. Picu, A. Pal, M. V. LupulescuInterlocking-induced stiffness in stochastically microcracked materials beyond the transport percolation thresholdView Report
2016-28M. Albu, A. Pal, C. Gspan, R. C. Picu, F. Hofer & G. KothleitnerSelf-organized Sr leads to solid state twinning in nano-scaled eutectic Si phaseView Report
2016-29Mohammad Islam, Catalin PicuMicrostructure modeling of random composites with cylindrical inclusions having high volume fraction and broad aspect ratio distributionView Report
2016-30P. Balasubramanian, C. Zheng, T. Tan, G. Kane, A. M. Maniatty, J. T. Wen, R. HullSubstrates with programmable heater arrays for dynamic control of the microstructure of polycrystalline films: Towards real time control of grain growth in metalsView Report