Report #AuthorTitle 
2003-1M. Beall, J. Walsh, M. S. ShephardAccessing CAD Geometry for Mesh GenerationView Report
2003-2W. J. Schroeder, M.S. ShephardComputational VisualizationView Report
2003-3L. Krivodonova, J. Xin, J.-F. Remacle, N. Chevaugeon, J. E. FlahertyShock Detection and Limiting with Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Hyperbolic Conservation LawsView Report
2003-4N. V. HattangadyAutomated Modeling and Remeshing in Metal Forming SimulationView Report
2003-5X. LiMesh Modification Procedures for General 3-D Non-Manifold DomainsView Report
2003-6B. RameshA Stabilized Finite Element Formulation for the Optimal Design of Forming ProcessesView Report
2003-7R.C. Picu and M.S. OzmusulStructure of linear polymeric chains confined between impenetrable spherical wallsView Report
2003-8R.C. PicuA non-local formulation of rubber elasticityView Report
2003-9R.C. Picu, T. Borca-Tasciuc and M.C. PavelStrain and size effect on heat transport in nanostructuresView Report
2003-10Kim, J., De, S. and Srinivasan, M.A.An Integral Equation Based Multiresolution Modeling Scheme for Multimodal Medical SimulationsView Report
2003-11Jean-Francois Remacle, Xiangrong Li, Mark S. Shephard and Joseph E. FlahertyAnisotropic Adaptive Simulation of Transient Flows using Discontinuous Galerkin MethodsView Report
2003-12Sunitha Nagrath, Kenneth E. Jansen, Richard T. Lahey, JrThree Dimensional Simulation of Incompressible Two-phase Flows Using a Stabilized Finite Element Method and a Level Set ApproachView Report
2003-13D.K. Datta , R.C. Picu and M.S. ShephardComposite Grid Atomistic Continuum Method: An adaptive approach to bridge continuum with atomistic analysisView Report
2003-14Mark S. Shephard, Mark W. Beall, Robert M. O Bara, Bruce E. WebsterToward Simulation-Based DesignView Report
2003-15M.S. Shephard, P. Fischer, K.K. Chand and J.E. FlahertySimulation Information StructuresView Report
2003-16M. S. Shephard, J. E. Flaherty, K. E. Jansen, X. Li, X. Luo, N. Chevaugeon, J.-F. Remacle, M. W. Beall, R. M. O'BaraAdaptive Mesh Generation for Curved DomainsView Report
2003-17Xiao-Juan Luo, Mark S. Shephard, Robert M. O Bara, Rocco Nastasia and Mark W. BeallAutomatic p-version Mesh Generation for Curved DomainsView Report
2003-18Jean-Francois Remacle, Sandra Soares Frazao, Xiagrong Li and Mark S. ShephardAdaptive Discontinuous Galerkin Method for the Shallow Water EquationsView Report
2003-19Maniatty, A.M. and Liu, Y.Stabilized finite element method for viscoplastic flow: formulation with state variable evolutionView Report
2003-20Taiseung YangA Three-Dimensional Biphasic Finite Element Contact FormulationView Report