Report #AuthorTitle 
2005-1Onkar SahniAn Anisotropic Adaptive Procedure for Efficient Blood Flow SimulationsView Report
2005-2O. Sahni, J. Mueller, K.E. Jansen, M.S. Shephard and C.A. TaylorEfficient Anisotropic Adaptive Discretization of the Cardiovascular SystemView Report
2005-3L. Yin, X. Luo, M. S. ShephardIdentifying and Meshing Thin Sections of 3-d Curved DomainsView Report
2005-4M. S. Ozmusul, C. R. Picu, S. S. Sternstein, S. K. KumarLattice Monte Carlo Simulations of Chain Conformations in Polymer NanocompositesView Report
2005-5N. Chevaugeon, J. Xin, P. Hu, X. Li, D. Cler, J. E. Flaherty, and M. S. ShephardDiscontinuous Galerkin Methods Applied to Shock and Blast ProblemsView Report
2005-6Elaine BohrInflow Generation Technique for Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Boundary LayersView Report
2005-7J. Mueller, O. Sahni, K. E. Jansen, M. S. Shephard and C. A. TaylorA tool for the efficient FE-simulation of cardio-vascular flowView Report
2005-8L. Yin, X. Luo and M. S. ShephardIdentifying and Meshing Thin Sections of 3-d Curved DomainsView Report
2005-9Eunyoung Seegyoung SeolFMDB: Flexible Distributed Mesh Database for Parallel Automated Adaptive AnalysisView Report
2005-10Subhranil De, Jacob Fish, Mark S. Shephard, Pawel Keblinski and Sanat K. KumarMultiscale Modeling of Polymer RheologyView Report
2005-11J. Fish, C. Oskay and R. FanAL 6061-T6 - Elastomer Impact SimulationsView Report
2005-12Xiaojuan LuoAn Automatic Adaptive Directional Variable P-Version Method in 3D Curved DomainsView Report
2005-13M. S. Shephard and E. S. SeolToward a Multi-Model Hierarchy to Support Multiscale SimulationsView Report
2005-14R.A. Narayanan, P. Thiyagarajan, A-J. Zhu, B.J. Ash, M.L. Shofner, L.S. Schadler, S.K. Kumar, S.S. SternsteinNanostructural Features in Silica-Polyvinyl Acetate Nanocomposites Characterized by SANS and USAXSView Report
2005-15A.S. Sarvestani and C.R. PicuA frictional molecular model for the viscoelasticity of entangled polymer nanocompositesView Report
2005-16S. Shenogin and R. OzisikDeformation of glassy polycarbonate and polystyrene: the influence of chemical structure and local environmentView Report
2005-17K. Yang and R. OzisikU.S. Patent Appl. Publication: Production of Polymer Nanocomposites Using Supercritical FluidsView Report
2005-18P.J. Dionne, R. Ozisik and C.R. PicuStructure and Dynamics of Polyethylene NanocompositesView Report
2005-19J. Fish and Z. YuanMultiscale Enrichment based on Partition of UnityView Report
2005-20H. Waisman, J. Fish, R.S. Tuminaro and J. ShadidAccelerated Generalized Global-Basis (GGB) Method for Nonlinear ProblemsView Report
2005-21W. Gressick, J.T. Wen and J. FishOrder Reduction for Large Scale Finite Element Models: a Systems PerspectiveView Report
2005-22J. Fish and C. OskayA Nonlocal Multiscale Fatigue ModelView Report
2005-23D.J. Littlewood and A.M. ManiattyMultiscale Modeling of Crystal Plasticity In AL 7075-T651View Report
2005-24B. Ramesh and A.M. ManiattyStablized finite element formulation for elastic-plastic finite deformationsView Report
2005-25C.R. Picu, G. Vincze, F. Ozturk, J.J. Gracio, F. Barlat and A.M. ManiattyStrain rate sensitivity of the commericial aluminum alloy AA5182-OView Report
2005-26A.M. Maniatty and E. ParkFinite Element Approach To Inverse Problems In Dynamic Elasto-graphyView Report
2005-27J. Zheng, R. Ozisik and R.W. SiegelDisruption of self-assembly and altered mechanical behavior in polyurethane/zinc oxide nanocompositesView Report
2005-28T. Liu, R. Ozisik, R.W. SiegelNanoporous Polymer Films from Immiscible Polymer Blends: Pore Size and Composition DependenceView Report
2005-29J-F. Remacle, X. Li, M.S. Shephard, J.E. FlahertyAnisotropic adaptive simulation of transient flows using discontinuous Galerkin methodsView Report
2005-30S. Dey, J.E. Flaherty, T. K. Ohsumi and M.S. ShephardIntegration by Table Look-Up for p-version Finite Elements on Curved TetrahedraView Report
2005-31X. Li, M.S. Shephard, & M.W. Beall3D anisotropic mesh adaptation by mesh modificationView Report
2005-32M.S. Shephard, E. Seol, J. Wan & A.C. BauerComponent-based Adaptive Mesh Control ProceduresView Report
2005-33M.S. Shephard, J.E. Flaherty, K.E. Jansen, X. Li, X. Luo, N. Chevaugeon, J-F. Remacle, M.W. Beall, R.M. O'BaraAdaptive mesh generation for curved domainsView Report
2005-34P.Hu, J.E. Flaherty & M.S. ShephardSolving Fluid/Rigid body Interaction Problem by a Discontinuous Galerkin Level Set MethodView Report
2005-35H. Kim, D. Bedrov, G.D. Smith, S. Shenogin & P. KeblinskiRole of attached polymer chains on the vibrational relaxation of a C60 fullerene in aqueous solutionView Report
2005-36H.A. Patel, S. Garde & P. KeblinksiThermal Resistance of Nanoscopic Liquid-Liquid Interfaces: Dependence on Chemistry and Molecular ArchitectureView Report
2005-37N.R. Raravikar, A.S. Vijayaraghavan, P. Keblinski, L.S. Schadler & P.M. AjayanEmbedded Carbon-Nanotube-Stiffened Polymer Surfaces**View Report
2005-38N. Shenogina, S. Shenogin, L. Xue & P. KeblinskiOn the lack of thermal percolation in carbon nanotube compositesView Report
2005-39T. Desai, P. Keblinski & S.K. KumarMolecular dynamics simulations of polymer transport in nanocompositesView Report
2005-40K-H. Lee, P. Keblinski & S.B. SinnottDeflection of Nanotubes in Response to External Atomic CollisionsView Report
2005-41P. Keblinski, J.A. Eastman & D.G. CahillNanofluids for thermal transportView Report
2005-42P. Keblinski & P.K. SchellingComment on "Thermal Contraction of Carbon Fullerenes and Nanotubes"View Report
2005-43S.T. Huxtable, D.G. Cahill, S. Shenogin & P. KeblinskiRelaxation of vibrational energy in fullerene suspensionsView Report
2005-44J. Suhr, N. Koratkar, P. Keblinski & P. AjayanViscoelasticity in carbon nanotube compositesView Report
2005-45S. Sen, S.K. Kumar & P. KeblinskiViscoelastic Properties of Polymer Melts from Equilibrium Molecular Dynamics SimulationsView Report
2005-46P. Keblinski & D.G. CahillComment on "Model for Heat Conduction in Nano-fluids"View Report
2005-47S. Nagrath, K.E. Jansen, R.T. Lahey, Jr.Computational of incompressible bubble dynamics with a stablized finite element level set methodView Report
2005-48A.E. Tejada-Martinez & K.E. JansenOn the interaction between dynamic model dissipation and numerical dissipation due to streamline upwind/Petrov-Galerkin stabilizationView Report
2005-49M. Oghbaei & K.S. AndersonA new time-finite-element implicit integration scheme for multibody system dynamics simulationView Report
2005-50K.S. Anderson & M. OghbaeiDynamic Simulation of Multibody Systems Using a New State-Time MethodologyView Report