Report #AuthorTitle 
2006-1H. Waisman and J. FishA Space-Time Multilevel Method For Molecular Dynamics SimulationsView Report
2006-2Z. Xu and C. PicuDislocation-solute cluster interaction in Al-Mg binary alloysView Report
2006-3S. Dey, D.K. Datta, J.J. Shirron and M.S. Shephardp-Version FEM for structural acoustics with a posteriori error estimationView Report
2006-4F. Alauzet, X. Li, E. S. Seol and M.S. ShephardParallel Anisotropic 3D Mesh Adaptation by Mesh ModificationView Report
2006-5C. Ollivier-Gooch, K. Chand, T. Dahlgren, L. Freitag Diachin, B. Fix, J. Kraftcheck, X. Li, E. Seegyoung Seol, M.S. Shephard, T. Tautges, H. TreaseThe TSTT Mesh InterfaceView Report
2006-6K.K. Chand, L.F. Diachin, X. Li, C. Ollivier-Gooch, E. Seol, M.S. Shephard, T. Tautges, H. TreaseToward Interoperable Mesh, Geometry and Field Components for PDE Simulation DevelopmentView Report
2006-7E.S. Seol & M.S. ShephardEfficient Distributed Mesh Data Structure for Parallel Automated Adaptive AnalysisView Report
2006-8O. Sahni, J. Muller, K.E. Jansen, M.S. Shephard & C.A. TaylorEfficient Anisotropic Adaptive Discretization of the Cardiovascular SystemView Report
2006-9K. Iyakutti, A. Bodapati, X. Peng, P. Keblinksi, S.K. NayakElectronic band structure, electron-phonon interaction, and superconductivity of (5,5), (10,10), and (5,0) carbon nanotubesView Report
2006-10B. Wei, M. Shima, R. Pati, S.K. Nayak, D.J. Singh, R. Ma, Y. Li, Y. Bando, S. Nasu, P.M. AjayanRoom-Temperature Ferromagnetism in Doped Face-Centered Cubic Fe NanoparticlesView Report
2006-11S. Shenogin, P. Keblinski, D. Bedrov & G.D. SmithThermal Relaxation Mechanism and Role of Chemical Functionalization in Fullerene SolutionsView Report
2006-12A. Bodapati, P. Keblinski, M. Falk, J. Kieffer & M.M. TreacyRadial Distribution Function and Medium-Range Order in Amorphous MaterialsView Report
2006-13T. Desai, P. Keblinski, S.K. Kumar & S. GranickMolecular Dynamics Simulations of Single Polymer Chain in Two DimensionsView Report
2006-14T. Desai, P. Keblinski & S.K. KumarComputer Simulations of the Conformations of Strongly Adsorbed Chains at Solid-Liquid InterfaceView Report
2006-15K. Iyakutti, A. Bodapati, X. Peng, P. Keblinski & S.K. NayakElectronic band structure, electron-phonon interaction, and superconductivity of (5,5), (10,10), and (5,0) carbon nanotubesView Report
2006-16P. Keblinski & J. ThominHydrodynamic Field around a Brownian ParticleView Report
2006-17W. Evans, J. Fish & P. KeblinskiRole of Brownian Motion Hydrodynamics on Nanofluid Thermal ConductivityView Report
2006-18S. Sen, S.K. Kumar & P. KeblinskiViscoelastic Properties of Polymer Melts from Equilibrium Molecular Dynamics SimulationsView Report
2006-19A. Bodapati, P.K. Schelling, S.R. Phillpot & P. KeblinskiCrossover in Thermal Transport Mechanism in Nanocrystalline SiliconView Report
2006-20R. Khare, P. Keblinski & A. YethirajMolecular Dynamics Simulations of Heat and Momentum Transfer at a Solid-Fluid Interface: Relationship between Thermal and Velocity SlipView Report
2006-21C. Oskay and J. FishMesomechanical Homogenization of Inelastic Periodic Heterogeneous MediaView Report
2006-22I.E. Vignon-Clementel, C.A. Figueroa, K.E. Jansen, C.A. TaylorOutflow boundary conditions for three-dimensional finite element modeling of blood flow and pressure in arteriesView Report
2006-23A. E. Tejada-Martinez and K. E. JansenA parameter-free dynamic subgrid-scale model for large-eddy simulationView Report
2006-24C.A. Figueroa, I.E. Vignon-Clementel, K.E. Jansen, T. J.R. Hughes, C.A. TaylorA coupled momentum method for modeling blood flow in three-dimensional deformable arteriesView Report
2006-25S. Nagrath, K.E.Jansen, R.T. Lahey Jr. & I. AkhatovHydrodynamic simulation of air bubble implosion using a level set approachView Report
2006-26C.E. Colosqui & A.A. OberaiGeneralization of Lilly's Analysis for the Smagorinsky ModelView Report
2006-27J.A. Evans, M. Oghbaei & K. S. AndersonModeling and Simulation of a Laser-Powered Lightcraft Using Impulse State-Time EquationsView Report
2006-28R. M. Mukherjee & K.S. AndersonOrthogonal Complement Based Divide-and-Conquer Algorithm (O-DCA) for Constrained Multibody SystemsView Report
2006-29R. M. Mukherjee & K.S. AndersonA Logarithmic Complexity Divide-and-Conquer Algorithm For Multi-Flexible Articulated Body DynamicsView Report
2006-30K.S. Anderson, R. Mukherjee, J. Critchley, J. Ziegler & S. LiptonPOEMS: parallelizable open-source efficient multibody softwareView Report
2006-31P.J. Dionne, C.R. Picu and R. OzisikAdsorption and Desorption Dynamics of Linear Polymer Chains to Spherical Nanoparticles: A Monte Carlo InvestigationView Report
2006-32R. Leiderman, P. E. Barbone, A.A. Oberai and J.C. BamberCoupling between elastic strain and interstitial fluid flow: Ramifications for poroelastic imagingView Report
2006-33P.E. Barbone and A.A. OberaiElastic Modulus Imaging: Some exact solutions of the compressible elastography inverse problemView Report
2006-34E. Park and A.M. ManiattyShear modulus reconstruction in dynamic elastography: time harmonic caseView Report
2006-35O. Sahni, K.E. Jansen, M.S. Shephard, C.A. Taylor and M.W. BeallAdaptive Boundary Layer Meshing for Viscous Flow SimulationsView Report
2006-36J. Fish, M.A. Nuggehally, M.S. Shephard and C.R. PicuConcurrent AtC coupling based on a blend of the continuum stress and the atomistic forceView Report
2006-37M.S. Shephard & Joe WalshEnsuring Reliability for Simulation-Based DesignView Report
2006-38S. Lankalapalli, J.E. Flaherty, M.S. Shephard and H. StraussAn Adaptive Finite Element Method for MagnetohydrodynamicsView Report