Report #AuthorTitle 
2017-1Anirban PalContribution of molecular flexibility to the elastic–plastic properties of molecular crystal α-RDXView Report
2017-2Anirban Pal, Catalin R PicuContribution of molecular flexibility to the elastic–plastic properties of molecular crystal α-RDXView Report
2017-3Cameron W. Smith, Michel Rasquin, Dan Ibanez, Kenneth E. Jansen, and Mark S. Shephard Improving Unstructured Mesh Partitions for Multiple Criteria Using Mesh AdjacenciesView Report
2017-4Brian N. Granzow, Mark S. Shephard, and Assad A. OberaiOutput-based error estimation and mesh adaptation for variational multiscale methodsView Report
2017-5Qiukai LuParallel Curved Meshing for High-Order Finite Element SimulationsView Report
2017-6Gerrett Diamond, Cameron W. Smith, Mark S. ShephardDynamic Load Balancing of Massively Parallel Unstructured MeshesView Report
2017-8Zhen Li, Max O. Bloomfield, and Assad A. OberaiSimulation of finite-strain inelastic phenomena governed by creep and plasticityView Report
2017-9Deng, Y., Davis, S.P., Yang, F., Paulsen, K.S., Kumar, M., Sinnott DeVaux, R., Wang, X., Conklin, D.S., Oberai, A., Herschkowitz, J.I. and Chung, A.J.Inertial Microfluidic Cell Stretcher (iMCS): Fully Automated, High‐Throughput, and Near Real‐Time Cell MechanotypingView Report
2017-10Mohit Tyagi, Yuqi Wang, Timothy Hall, Paul E Barbone and Assad A OberaiImproving three-dimensional mechanical imaging of breast lesions with principal component analysisView Report
2017-11Baasansuren Jadamba, Akhtar A. Khan, Assad A. Oberai, and Miguel SamaFirst-Order and Second-Order Adjoint Methods for Parameter Identification Problems with an Application to the Elasticity Imaging Inverse ProblemView Report
2017-12R, Simón-Allué, B. Calvo, A.A. Oberai & P.E BarboneTowards the mechanical characterization of abdominal wall by inverse analysisView Report
2017-13Olalekan A Babaniyi, Assad A Oberai, and Paul BarboneDirect Error in Constitutive Equation Formulation for Plane Stress Inverse Elasticity ProblemView Report
2017-14Anirban Pal and Catalin R. PicuStiffness Percolation in Stochastically Fragmented ContinuaView Report
2017-15Jianfeng Yan, Jared Crean, Jason HickenInterior Penalties for Summation-by-Parts Discretizations of Linear Second-Order Differential EquationsView Report
2017-16Mohammad Islam, L. Schadler, Catalin PicuMorphology and mechanics of fungal myceliumView Report
2017-17Y. Tan, C. Zheng, J. T. Wen, A. M. ManiattyInverse heat transfer analysis for design and control of a micro-heater arrayView Report
2017-18C. Zheng, G. P. S. Balasubramanian, Y. Tan, A. M. Maniatty, R. Hull, J. T. WenSimulation, micro-fabrication and control of a micro-heater array designed for adaptive control of materials microstructureView Report
2017-19Y. Tan, A. M. Maniatty, C. Zheng, and J. T.WenMonte Carlo grain growth modeling with local temperature gradientsView Report
2017-20A. M. Maniatty, S. Roy, M. Juha, M. S. ShephardHeat transfer model and finite element formulation for simulation of selective laser meltingView Report