Report #AuthorTitle 
1996-1Saikat Dey and Mark S. ShephardGeometry Based Framework for hp Adaptive FEMView Report
1996-2Mark S. ShephardUpdate to: Approaches to the Automatic Generation and Control of Finite Element MeshesView Report
1996-3C.L. Bottasso, O. Klaas and M.S. ShephardData Structures and Mesh Modification Tools for Unstructured Multigrid Adaptive TechniquesView Report
1996-4M. W. Beall, V. Belsky, J. Fish and M. S. ShephardAutomated Multiple Scale Fracture AnalysisView Report
1996-5M. L. Simone, H. L. de Cougny and M. S. ShephardTools and Techniques for Parallel Grid GenerationView Report
1996-6Mark S. Shephard, Saikat Dey and Joseph E. FlahertyA Straight Forward Structure to Construct Shape Functions for Variable p-Order MeshesView Report
1996-7Jacob Fish, Kam-Lun Shek, Muralidharan Pandheeradi and Mark S. ShephardComputational Plasticity for Composite Structures Based on Mathematical Homogenization: Theory and PracticeView Report
1996-8Jacob Fish and Ravi GuttalAdaptive Solver for the p-Version of Finite Element MethodView Report
1996-9Slimane Adjerid, Belkacem Belguendouz and Joseph E. FlahertyA Posteriori Finite Element Error Estimation for Diffusion ProblemsView Report
1996-10V.K. Decyk, C. D. Norton and B. K. SzymanskiIntroduction to Object-Oriented Concepts Using Fortran 90View Report
1996-11Jacob Fish and Vladimir BelskyGeneralized Aggregation Multilevel SolverView Report
1996-12Dan Givoli, Joseph E. Flaherty and Mark S. ShephardParallel Adaptive 3D Finite Element Analysis of CZ Melt FlowsView Report
1996-13Dan Givoli, Joseph E. Flaherty and Mark S. ShephardParallel Adaptive Finite Element Analysis of Viscous Flows Based on a Combined Compressible-Incompressible FormulationView Report
1996-14Hugues L. de Cougny and Mark S. ShephardSurface Meshing Using Vertex InsertionView Report
1996-15Ravi GuttalHierarchical Finite Element Modeling of Plates and ShellsView Report
1996-16D. Givoli, J. E. Flaherty and M. S. ShephardSimulation of Czochralski Melt Flows Using Parallel Adaptive Finite Element ProceduresView Report
1996-17S. Adjerid, M. W. Beall, G. J. Dvorak, J. Fish, J. E. Flaherty, J. Hudson, K.-L. Shek, M. S. Shephard and R. WentorfMechanism-Based Design of Composite StructuresView Report
1996-18Mark W. BeallSCOREC Mesh Database Users Guide, Version 2.4View Report
1996-19Mark W. Beall and Mark S. ShephardA General Topology-Based Mesh Data StructureView Report
1996-20Carlo L. Bottasso and Mark S. ShephardParallel Adaptive Finite Element Solution of Helicopter Rotors in HoverView Report
1996-21H. S. Murty, C. L. Bottasso, M. Dindar, M. S. Shephard and O. BauchauAeroelastic Analysis of Rotor Blades Using Nonlinear Fluid/Structure CouplingView Report
1996-22Joseph E. Flaherty, Raymond M. Loy, Can Ozturan, Mark S. Shephard, Bolek K. Szymanski, James D. Teresco and Louis H. ZiantzParallel Structures and Dynamic Load Balancing for Adaptive Finite Element ComputationView Report
1996-23M. L. Simone, R. M. Loy, M. S. Shephard and J. E. FlahertyA Distributed Octree Structure and Its Application to Parallel Mesh GenerationView Report
1996-24Mark S. Shephard, Joseph E. Flaherty, Carlo L. Bottasso, Hugues L. de Cougny, Can Ozturan and Michelle L. SimoneParallel Automatic Adaptive AnalysisView Report
1996-25Mark W. Beall and Mark S. ShephardA Geometry-Based Analysis FrameworkView Report
1996-26Antoinette M. Maniatty and Ming-Fa ChenShape Sensitivity Analysis for Steady Metal-Forming ProcessesView Report
1996-27A. M. Maniatty and J.-S. YuEffect of Elasticity on Slip System Activity in Face-Centered Cubic Crystals: A Numerical StudyView Report
1996-28Kathleen C. Hinge and Antoinette M. ManiattyThe Effect of Skew Angle on the Axial Pressure Distribution Between Flexible Rubber-Covered RollersView Report
1996-29W.D. Turner, J.E. Flaherty, S. Dey and M.A. ShephardMultilevel Preconditioned QMR Methods for Unstructured Mesh ComputationView Report
1996-30E. Deelman, B. K. Szymanski and T. CaracoSimulating Lyme Disease Using Parallel Discrete Event SimulationView Report
1996-31T. Caraco, W. Maniatty and B. K. SzymanskiSpatial Effects and Competitive CoexistenceView Report