Report #AuthorTitle 
1998-1H. L. de Cougny and M. S. ShephardParallel Volume Meshing Using Face Removals and Hierarchical RepartitioningView Report
1998-2Slimane Adjerid, Joseph E. Flaherty, John B. Hudson and Mark S. ShephardModeling and the Adaptive Solution of CVD Fiber-Coating ProcessesView Report
1998-3Rolf Wentorf, Jacob Fish, Raymond R. Collar and Mark S. ShephardLC3 Report: Analysis of Complex 3D Woven High Temperature Ceramic Composite StructuresView Report
1998-4H.L. de Cougny and M.S. ShephardParallel Repartitioning based on Recursive Inertial BisectionView Report
1998-5Hugues L. de CougnyRefinement and Coarsening of Surface MeshesView Report
1998-6Hugues L. de CougnyParallel Unstructured Distributed Three-Dimensional Mesh GenerationView Report
1998-7Mustafa Dindar, Andrew Lemnios, Mark S. Shephard, Kenneth Jansen and David KenwrightEffect of Tip Vortex Resolution on UH-60A Rotor-Blade Hover Performance CalculationsView Report
1998-8Ottmar Klaas and Mark S. ShephardAutomatic Generation of Partition of Unity Discretizations for Three Dimensional DomainsView Report
1998-9Jacob Fish and Vadim G. KorneevOn Two-Level Methods Based on Aggregation for 3D ProblemsView Report
1998-10Vadim G. Korneev and Soren JensenDomain Decomposition Preconditioning in the Hierarchical p-Version of the Finite Element MethodView Report
1998-11Slimane Adjerid, Joseph E. Flaherty, Ken Jansen and Mark S. ShephardParallel Finite Element Simulations of Czochralski Melt FlowsView Report
1998-12James D. Teresco, Mark W. Beall, Joseph E. Flaherty and Mark S. ShephardA Hierarchical Partition Model for Adaptive Finite Element ComputationView Report
1998-13Michelle Lee SimoneA Distributed Octree Structure and Algorithms for Parallel Mesh GenerationView Report
1998-14M. S. Shephard, M. W. Beall and R. M. O’BaraRevisiting the Elimination of the Adverse Effects of Small Model Features in Automatically Generated MeshesView Report
1998-15Raymond M. LoyAdaptive Local Refinement with Octree Load-Balancing for the Parallel Solution of Three-Dimensional Conservation LawsView Report
1998-16R. V. Garimella and M. S. ShephardBoundary Layer Meshing for Viscous Flows in Complex DomainsView Report
1998-17M. W. Beall and M. S. ShephardAn Object-Oriented Framework for Reliable Numerical SimulationsView Report
1998-18C. L. Bottasso and M. S. ShephardFinite Element Adaptive Multigrid Euler Solver for Rotary Wing AerodynamicsView Report
1998-19B. Kaan Karamete, Rao V. Garimella and Mark S. ShephardRecovery of an Arbitrary Edge on an Existing Surface Mesh Using Local Mesh ModificationsView Report
1998-20R. Wentorf, R. Collar, M. S. Shephard and J. FishAutomated Modeling for Complex Woven MesostructuresView Report
1998-21O. Klaas, A. Maniatty, and M. S. ShephardA Stabilized Mixed Finite Element Method for Finite ElasticityView Report
1998-22O. Klaas and M. S. ShephardAutomatic Generation of Octree based Three Dimensional Discretizations for Partition of Unity MethodView Report
1998-23M. S. ShephardMeshing Environment for Geometry-Based AnalysisView Report
1998-24T. K. Ohsumi, J. E. Flaherty, V. H. Barocas, S. Adjerid and M. AiffaAdaptive Finite Element Analysis of the Anisotropic Biphasic Theory of Tissue-Equivalent MechanicsView Report
1998-25K. S. Anderson and S. DuanA New Order-N Order-N3 Hybrid Parallelizable Algorithm for Multi-Rigid-Body DynamicsView Report
1998-26K. S. Anderson and Y. HsuCrossover Strategy for Enhanced Solution Space Exploration of Dynamic SystemsView Report
1998-27K. S. Anderson and S. DuanHighly Parallelizable Low Order Algorithm for Dynamics of Complex Multi-Rigid-Body SystemsView Report
1998-28K. S. Anderson and S. DuanA Hybrid Parallelizable Low Order Algorithm for Dynamics of Multi-Rigid-Body Systems: Part I, Chain SystemsView Report
1998-29S. Duan and K. S. AndersonParallel Implementation of a Low Order Algorithm for Dynamics of Multibody Systems on a Distributed Memory Computing SystemView Report
1998-30Mustafa DindarAn Adaptive Finite Element Procedure for Rotorcraft Aerodynamics and AeroelasticityView Report
1998-31Rao V. GarimellaAnisotropic Tetrahedral Mesh GenerationView Report
1998-32Jacob Fish and Kamlun ShekFinite deformation plasticity based on the additive split of the rate of deformation and hyperelasticityView Report
1998-33Jacob Fish, Qing Yu and KamLun Shek Computational Damage Mechanics for Composite Materials Based on Mathematical HomogenizationView Report
1998-34Ravi Guttal and Jacob FishHierarchical assumed strain-vorticity shell element with drilling degrees of freedomView Report
1998-35Jacob Fish and Wen ChenOn Accuracy, Stability and Efficiency of Implicit Methods with Incomplete solution by Multilevel MethodsView Report