Report #AuthorTitle 
1999-1V. Korneev, J. E. Flaherty, T. Oden and J. FishAdditive Schwarz Algorithms for Solving hp-Version Finite Element Systems on Triangular MeshesView Report
1999-2Mustafa Dindar, Mark S. Shephard, Joseph E. Flaherty and Kenneth JansenAdaptive CFD Analysis for Rotorcraft AerodynamicsView Report
1999-3Rao V. Garimella and Mark S. ShephardBoundary Layer Mesh Generation for Viscous Flow SimulationsView Report
1999-4B. Kaan Karamete, Mark W. Beall and Mark S. ShephardTriangulation of Arbitrary Polyhedra to Support Automatic Mesh GeneratorsView Report
1999-5H. L. de Cougny and Mark S. ShephardParallel Refinement and Coarsening of Tetrahedral MeshesView Report
1999-6Mark W. BeallAn Object-Oriented Framework for the Reliable Automated Solution of Problems in Mathematical PhysicsView Report
1999-7J. E. Flaherty, R. M. Loy, M. S. Shephard and J. D. TerescoSoftware for the Parallel Adaptive Solution of Conservation Laws by Discontinuous Galerkin MethodView Report
1999-8Joseph E. Flaherty and James D. TerescoArchitecture-Dependent Load Balancing Using the Rensselaer Partition ModelView Report
1999-9Christian H. Whiting and Kenneth E. JansenA stabilized finite element method for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations using a hierarchical basisView Report
1999-10Kenneth E. Jansen, Christian H. Whiting and Gregory M. HulbertA generalized-a method for integrating the filtered Navier-Stokes equations with a stabilized finite element methodView Report
1999-11Christian H. Whiting, Kenneth E. Jansen, and Saikat DeyHierarchical basis for stabilized finite element methods for compressible flowView Report
1999-12S. Adjerid, M. Aiffa, and J. E. FlahertyHierarchical Finite Element Bases for Triangular and Tetrahedral ElementsView Report
1999-13R. V. Garimella and M. S. ShephardGeneration of Tetrahedral Meshes with Multiple Elements through Thin SectionsView Report
1999-14Hongyi YuSolving parabolic problems with different time steps in different regions in space based on domain decomposition methodsView Report
1999-15Saikat Dey, Robert M. O'Bara and Mark S. ShephardCurvilinear Mesh Generation in 3DView Report
1999-16Christian H. WhitingStabilized Finite Element Methods for Fluid Dynamics Using a Hierarchical BasisView Report
1999-17Jacob Fish and Yong QuGlobal Basis Two-Level Method for Indefinite Systems. Part 1: Convergence StudiesView Report
1999-18Yong Qu and Jacob FishGlobal Basis Two-Level Method for Indefinite Systems. Part 2: Computational IssuesView Report
1999-19Nitin V. Hattangady, Mark S. Shephard and Anil B. ChaudharyTowards Realistic Automated 3-D Modeling of Metal Forming ProblemsView Report
1999-20R. C. Picu, G. Loriot, J. H. WeinerToward a unified view of stress in small-molecular and in macromolecular liquidsView Report
1999-21R. C. PicuIntrinsic Distribution and Atomic Level Stress in Polymeric MeltsView Report
1999-22Peter S. Donzelli, Robert L. Spilker, Gerard A. Ateshian and Van C. MowContact analysis of biphasic transversely isotropic cartilage layers and correlations with tissue failureView Report
1999-23A. M. Maniatty, J.-S. Yu and T. KeaneAnisotropic yield criterion for polycrystalline metals using texture and crystal symmetriesView Report
1999-24Kathleen Conlon Hinge, Antoinette M. Maniatty, Michael Chen and Kevin CraigAxial velocity distribution imparted on thin media transported by layered rollsView Report
1999-25Ottmar Klaas, Antoinette Maniatty and Mark S. ShephardThree-dimensional Stabilized Finite Element Model for Finite Deformation ProcessesView Report
1999-26Robert J. Kalan and Antoinette M. ManiattyIndium Phosphide constitutive Model in Crystal GrowthView Report
1999-27Antoinette M. ManiattyStresses inTextured Thin Polycrystalline Films on SubstratesView Report
1999-28B. Chan, P. S. Donzelli and R. L. SpilkerA Mixed-Penalty Biphasic Finite Element Formulation Incorporating Viscous Fluids and Material InterfacesView Report
1999-29Andrew H. Labun, Harry K. Moffat and Timothy S. CaleMechanistic feature-scale profile simulation of SiO2LPCVD by TEOS pyrolysisView Report
1999-30John A. Tichy, Christopher J. Clutz and Timothy S. CaleCMP Pad Displacement and Slurry Flow Characteristics: Finite Element AnalysisView Report
1999-31D. F. Richards, M. O. Bloomfield, S. Soukane and T. S. CaleModeling Plasma Processes in MicroelectronicsView Report
1999-32D. F. Richards, M. O. Bloomfield, S. Soukane and T. S. CaleApplications of Plasma Processes in MicroelectronicsView Report
1999-33Tushar P. Merchant, Matthias K. Gobbert, Timothy S. Cale and Leonard J. BoruckiMultiple Scale Integrated Modeling of Deposition ProcessesView Report
1999-34Timothy S. Cale, Tushar P. Merchant, Leonard J. Borucki and Andrew H. LabunTopography Simulation for the Virtual Wafer FabView Report
1999-35Timothy S. Cale, David F. Richards and Daewon YangOpportunities for Materials Modeling in Microelectronics: Programmed Rate Chemical Vapor DepositionView Report
1999-36 T. S. Cale, T. P. Merchant and L. J. BoruckiThe Roles of "3d/2d" and "3d/3d" Topography Simulators in Process Development: Model Development and Process IntegrationView Report