Report #AuthorTitle 
2002-1Xiaojuan Luo, Mark S. Shephard, Jean-Franšois RemacleThe Influence of Geometric Approximation on the Accuracy of High Order MethodsView Report
2002-2J.-F. Remacle, M. S. Shephard, J. E. FlahertySome issues on distributed mesh representations.View Report
2002-3Xiao-Juan Luo, Mark S. Shephard, Jean-Franšois Remacle, Robert M. OĺBara, Mark W. Beall, Barna Szabˇ, Ricardo Actisp-Version Mesh Generation IssuesView Report
2002-4J.-F. Remacle, X. Li, N. Chevaugeon, M. S. ShephardTransient Mesh Adaptation Using Conforming and Non Conforming Mesh ModificationsView Report
2002-5M. Macri, S. De, M.S. Shephard Hierarchical Tree-Based Discretization for the Method of Finite SpheresView Report
2002-6A. E. Tejada-MartinezDynamic Subgrid-Scale Modeling for Large-Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Flows with a Stabilized Finite Element MethodView Report
2002-7D. L. Cler, N. Chevaugeon, M. S. Shephard, J. E. Flaherty, J.-F. RemacleCFD Application to Gun Muzzle Blast - A Validation Case StudyView Report
2002-8U. El Shamy, M. Zeghal, M. Shephard, R. Dobry, J. Fish, T. AbdounDiscrete Element Simulations of Water Flow Through Granular SoilsView Report
2002-9De, S., Kim, J., Manivannan, M., Srinivasan, M. A., Rattner, DMultimodal simulation of Laparoscopic Heller myotomy using a meshless techniqueView Report
2002-10Tay, B., De, S., Srinivasan, M. A.In vivo force response of intra-abdominal soft tissues for the simulation of laparoscopic proceduresView Report
2002-11Kim, J., De, S., Srinivasan, M.A.Computationally efficient techniques for real time surgical simulation with force feedbackView Report
2002-12De, S., Wang, X., White, J.K.Efficiency improvements in Fast Stokes solversView Report
2002-13De, S., Bathe, K.J.Analysis of incompressible media using the method of finite spheres and some improvements in efficiencyView Report
2002-14De, S., Hong, J.W., Bathe, K.J.Further developments and some applications in the method of finite spheresView Report
2002-15De, S., Hong, J. W., Bathe, K.J.The method of finite spheres: A generalization of the finite element techniqueView Report
2002-16De, S., J.W. Hong, Bathe, K. J.On the method of finite spheres in applications: towards the use with ADINA and a surgical simulatorView Report
2002-17Remacle J.F., Flaherty J.E., Shephard M.S.An Adaptive Discontinuous Galerkin Technique with an Orthogonal Basis Applied to Compressible Flow ProblemsView Report
2002-18A. Majorell, S. Srivatsa, R.C. PicuMechanical behavior of Ti 6%Al4%V at high and moderate temperatures; Part I: Experimental resultsView Report
2002-19R.C. Picu, A. MajorellMechanical behavior of Ti 6%Al4%V at high and moderate temperatures; Part II: Constitutive modelingView Report
2002-20M.S. Ozmusul and R.C. PicuElastic moduli of particulate composites with graded filler-matrix interfacesView Report
2002-21R. C. PicuThe Peierls Stress in Non-Local ElasticityView Report
2002-22R.C. PicuOn the Functional Form of Non-Local Elasticity KernelsView Report
2002-23R.C. Picu and M.C. PavelFast relaxation modes in model polymeric systemsView Report
2002-24M.S. Ozmusul and R.C. PicuStructure of polymers in the vicinity of curved impenetrable surfaces - the athermal caseView Report
2002-25Kerem ▄nA Penetration-Based Finite Element Method for HyperelasticView Report