Report #AuthorTitle 
1993-1Qingxiang Niu and Mark S. ShephardSuperconvergent Boundary Stress Extraction and Some Experiments with Adaptive Pointwise Error ControlView Report
1993-2Jacob Fish and Stilianos MarkolefasAdaptive Global-Local Refinement Strategy Based on the Interior Error Estimates of the h-MethodView Report
1993-3Bruce E. Webster, Mark S. Shephard, Zvi Rusak and Joseph E. FlahertyAutomated Adaptive Time-Discontinuous Finite Element Method for Unsteady Compressible Airfoil AerodynamicsView Report
1993-4Bruce E. Webster, Mark S. Shephard and Zvi RusakUnsteady Compressible Rotor Airfoil Aerodynamics Using an Automated Adaptive Finite Element MethodView Report
1993-5Bruce E. WebsterAn Adaptive Finite Element Method for Unsteady Compressible Rotor Airfoil AerodynamicsView Report
1993-6Mark S. Shephard, Vincent S. Wong, Raymond R. Collar and Rolf WentorfReliable Automated Engineering Analysis in an Integrated Design EnvironmentView Report
1993-7Marcel K. GeorgesCreating Geometric Models in the SCOREC 3-D ModelerView Report
1993-8Mark S. Shephard, Ting-Leung Sham, L.-Y. Song, Vincent S. Wong, Rao Garimella, Harry F. Tiersten, B.J. Lwo, Yannick LeCoz, and Ralph B. IversonGlobal/Local Analyses of Multichip Modules: Automated 3-D Model Construction and Adaptive Finite Element AnalysisView Report
1993-9Harry F. Tiersten, Ting-Leung Sham, B.J. Lwo, Y.S. Zhou, L.-Y. Song, Peggy L. Baehmann, Yannick LeCoz, and Mark S. ShephardA Global-Local Procedure for the Thermo-elastic Analysis of Multichip ModulesView Report
1993-10Ting-Leung Sham, Harry F. Tiersten, Peggy L. Baehmann, L.-Y. Song, Y.S. Zhou, B.J. Lwo, Yannick LeCoz, and Mark S. ShephardA Global-Local Procedure for the Heat Conduction Analysis of Multichip ModulesView Report
1993-11Mark S. ShephardStatus of Automatic 3-D Mesh Generation, and An Automated Adaptive Analysis ExampleView Report
1993-12Bill Maniatty, Boleslaw K. Szymanski, Tom Caraco and Balaram SinharoySpatial Modeling of Epidemics on Parallel MachinesView Report
1993-13Balaram Sinharoy and Boleslaw K. SzymanskiFinding Optimum Wavefront of Parallel ComputationView Report
1993-14Saikat DeyCurvature Sensitive Refinement in 3D Automatic Mesh GenerationView Report
1993-15- -Replaced By Scorec Report #35-1994View Report
1993-16Jacob Fish, Prashant Nayak and Mark H. HolmesMicroscale Reduction Error Indicators and Estimators for a Periodic Heterogeneous MediumView Report
1993-17Slimane Adjerid, Joseph E. Flaherty and Yun J. WangAdaptive Method-of-Lines Techniques for Parabolic SystemsView Report
1993-18W.G. Roberge, T.A. DeGraff and Joseph E. FlahertyThe Langevin Equation and its Application to Grain Alignment in Molecular CloudsView Report
1993-19Messaoud Benantar, Joseph E. Flaherty and Mukkai S. KrishnamoorthyTriangle GraphsView Report
1993-20Joseph E. Flaherty and Peter K. MooreAn HP-Adaptive Method in Space and Time for Parabolic SystemsView Report
1993-21Rupak Biswas, Karen D. Devine and Joseph E. FlahertyParallel, Adaptive Finite Element Methods for Conservation LawsView Report
1993-22Robert L. Spilker, Edgard S. Almeida, Christopher J. Clutz, Mark S. Shephard, G. A. Ateshian and Peter S. DonzelliThree Dimensional Automated Biphasic Finite Element Analysis of Soft Tissues from Stereophotogrammetric DataView Report
1993-23Kam-Lun Shek, Mark W. Beall, George J. Dvorak and Mark S. ShephardBimodal Plasticity Evaluation ToolView Report
1993-24Karen D. Devine, Joseph E. Flaherty, Stephen R. Wheat and Arthur B. MaccabeA Massively Parallel Adaptive Finite Element Method with Dynamic Load BalancingView Report
1993-25Mark S. Shephard, Marcel K. Georges and Hugues L. de CougnyGeometric Modeling Interactions Required to Support a Fully Automatic Mesh GeneratorView Report
1993-26Mark W. BeallSuperseded by 18-1996 - SCOREC Mesh Database Users Guide, Version 2.3View Report
1993-27Raymond R. Collar, Rolf Wentorf and Mark S. ShephardA Multiple Level h-Refinement Adaptive Analysis Procedure Using PATRAN, P/FEA and Finite OctreeView Report
1993-28Mark S. Shephard and William J. SchroederAnalysis Data for Engineering VisualizationView Report
1993-29Can Ozturan, Hugues L. de Cougny, Mark S. Shephard and Joseph E. FlahertyParallel Adaptive Mesh Refinement and Redistribution on Distributed Memory ComputersView Report