Report #AuthorTitle 
1994-1Mark S. Shephard, Saikat Dey, Marcel K. GeorgesAutomatic Meshing of Curved Three-Dimensional Domains: Curving Finite Elements and Curvature-Based Mesh ControlView Report
1994-2S. Adjerid, J. E. Flaherty, M. S. Shephard, Y. J. Wang, W. Hillig, J. Hudson, N. PatibandlaAdaptive Numerical Techniques for Reactive Vapor InfiltrationView Report
1994-3Marcel K. Georges, Saikat Dey and Ramamoorthy RavichandranList of Error and Warning Messages in Finite Octree Mesh GeneratorView Report
1994-4Jacob Fish, M. Pandheeradi and Vladimir BelskyAn Efficient Multi-Level Solution Scheme for Large Scale Nonlinear SystemsView Report
1994-5R.Garimella, S. Dey, R. Ramamoorthy, M. K. Georges and M.S. ShephardSpecification of Mesh Control Functions in Finite OctreeView Report
1994-6R.Garimella, S. Dey, R. Ramamoorthy, M.K. Georges and M. S. ShephardFinite Octree Mesh Generation and Output OptionsView Report
1994-7K.D. Devine, J.E. Flaherty, R.M. Loy and S.R. WheatParallel Partitioning Strategies for the Adaptive Solution of Conservation LawsView Report
1994-8A.M. Maniatty and N.J. ZabarasInvestigation of Regularization Parameters and Error Estimating in Inverse Elasticity ProblemsView Report
1994-9Antoinette M. ManiattyPredicting Residual Stresses in Steady-State Forming ProcessesView Report
1994-10- -Replaced by SCOREC Report #36-1994View Report
1994-11Mark S. Shephard, Ting-Leung Sham, L.-Y. Song, Rao Garimella and Raymond R. CollarThe Use of ABAQUS in the Automated Global/Local Thermomechanical Analysis of Multichip ModulesView Report
1994-12Slimane Adjerid, Mohammed Aiffa and Joseph E. FlahertyHigh-Order Finite Element Methods for Singularly-Perturbed Elliptic and Parabolic ProblemsView Report
1994-13Marcel K. GeorgesMeshing of Tolerant Models in the Finite Octree Mesh GeneratorView Report
1994-14H. L. deCougny, K. D. Devine, J. E. Flaherty, R. M. Loy, C. Ozturan and M. S. ShephardLoad Balancing for the Parallel Adaptive Solution of Partial Differential EquationsView Report
1994-15Saikat DeyGeometric Mapping of Finite Elements on Shell GeometryView Report
1994-16M. S. Shephard, E. J. Rymaszewski and J. F. McDonaldEPII Level-to-Level Analysis of MCM's/Final Report - Executive SummaryView Report
1994-17Mark W. Beall, Atul Garg, Rao Garimella, Ralph B. Iverson, Yannick L. Le Coz, B.-J. Lwo, Ting-Leung Sham, Mark S. Shephard, L.-Y. Song and Vincent S. WongREPAS - Rensselaer Electronic Packaging Analysis Software User's ManualView Report
1994-18M.W. Beall, A.Garg, R. Garimella, R. B. Iverson, Y. L. Le Coz, B.-J. Lwo, T-L. Sham, M. S. Shephard, L.-Y. Song and V. S. WongREPAS - Rensselaer Electronic Packaging Analysis Software Programmer's ManualView Report
1994-19Mark S. Shephard, Carlo L. Bottasso, Hugues L. de Cougny and Can OzturanParallel Adaptive Finite Element Analysis of Fluid Flows on Distributed Memory ComputersView Report
1994-20S. Adjerid, J. E. Flaherty, W. Hillig, J. Hudson and M. S. ShephardAdaptive Method of Lines Techniques for Vapor Infiltration ProblemsView Report
1994-21M.S. Shephard, T.-L. Sham, L.-Y. Song, R. Garimella, H.F. Tiersten, B. J. Lwo, Y. L. Le Coz, R. B. Iverson and J.FishGlobal/Local Heat Conduction and Thermomechanical Analyses of Multichip ModulesView Report
1994-22C. L. Bottasso, H. L. de Cougny, M. Dindar, J. E. Flaherty, C. Ozturan, Z. Rusak and M. S. ShephardCompressible Aerodynamics Using a Parallel Adaptive Time-Discontinuous Galerkin Least-Squares Finite Element MethodView Report
1994-23Vincent S. WongQualification and Management of Analysis Attributes with Application to Multi-Procedural Analyses for Multichip ModulesView Report
1994-24Robert M. O'Bara, Mark W. Beall and Mark S. ShephardAnalysis Model Visualization and Graphical Analysis Attribute Specification SystemView Report
1994-25Vladimir Belsky, Mark W. Beall, Jacob Fish, Mark S. Shephard and S. GomaaComputer-Aided Multiscale Modeling Tools for Composite Materials and StructuresView Report
1994-26Hugues L. de Cougny, Mark S. Shephard and Can OzturanParallel Three-Dimensional Mesh GenerationView Report
1994-27Karen D. Devine and Joseph E. FlahertyDynamic Load Balancing for Parallel Finite Element Methods with Adaptive h- and p-RefinementView Report
1994-28Nicolaas J. TheronMulti-Body Dynamic Analysis of Helicopter RotorsView Report
1994-29Raymond R. Collar and Mark S. ShephardAutomated Capabilities for Analysis of Three Dimensional Elastomeric SealsView Report
1994-30Jacob Fish, Vladimir Belsky and M. PandheeradiIterative and Direct Solvers for Interface Problems with Lagrange MultipliersView Report
1994-31Jacob Fish and Ravi GuttalThe P-Version of Finite Element Method for Shell Analysis. Part 1: Element Formulation, Adaptivity and Quality ControlView Report
1994-32- -Replaced By Scorec Report #33-1995View Report
1994-33Jacob Fish and Vladimir BelskyAdaptive Multi-Grid Method for a Periodic Heterogeneous Medium in 1-DView Report
1994-34Jacob Fish and Ravi GuttalRecent Advances in the P-Version of the Finite Element Method for ShellsView Report
1994-35Jacob Fish and Vladimir BelskyMulti-Grid Method for Periodic Heterogeneous Media. Part 1: Convergence Studies for One-Dimensional CaseView Report
1994-36Jacob Fish and Vladimir BelskyMulti-Grid Method for Periodic Heterogeneous Media. Part 2: Multiscale Modeling and Quality Control in Multidimensional CaseView Report
1994-37Peter S. Donzelli and Robert L. SpilkerA Mixed-Penalty Contact Finite Element Formulation with Applications to Biphasic Tissues of the KneeView Report
1994-38Antoinette M. ManiattyPredicting Residual Stresses in Steady-State Forming ProcessesView Report
1994-39Antoinette M. Maniatty and Nicholas J. ZabarasInvestigation of Regularization Parameters and Error Estimating in Inverse Elasticity ProblemsView Report
1994-40Julia K. Morgan, Daniel E. Karig and Antoinette ManiattyThe Estimation of Diffuse Strains in the Toe of the Western Nankai Accretionary Prism: A Kinematic SolutionView Report
1994-41Antoinette M. Maniatty and Ming-Fa ChenNumerical Solution of Inverse Problems for the Design of Steady Forming ProcessesView Report
1994-42Antoinette M. Maniatty and Jiun-Shya YuEffect of Elasticity on Slip System Activity in FCC Crystals: A Numerical StudyView Report